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A Message From Kemmeo

I love photography for some of the same reasons that I love theater-- I love to be apart of the production from conception to completion. Weddings, with all of their traditions, protocol, rituals, costumes, and heightened emotions (I have yet to shoot a wedding with a dry eye) in many ways mirrors a theatrical production with the exception of it being a one night only event. For me, this means being present at all times and prepared for that sudden nervous chuckle of the groom when he can not get the ring on his nervous bride's finger. And capturing those moments is a trust between myself and my clients that I honor. Capturing what happens in 1/125 of a second is what I do and sometimes that is just enough time to catch a baby's smile before that never ceasing drool makes it's way over your babies first tooth and on to her red velvet dress.

I enjoy working with available light whenever possible and that means working with shadows as well. While it is important to seek a balance between light and shadow, it is equally as important to not fear tipping the balance from time to time. Knowing when, how, and how much to tip that balance is what makes a Photographer, a great Photographer.



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